The Friday Five Finds Of The Week 017

Friday Five is out on this rainy Friday.  Check out our recommendation as well as some thought provoking articles.  Enjoy.

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Every Friday we’re going to provide our five best finds on the web that we believe our users will find helpful.


Here are this week’s best…

1. A Habit That Kobe Bryant, The Beatles And A Child Chess Prodigy Has In Common

We always wonder about the habits of highly successful and motivated people.  Well there is one habit that is becoming more popular among those who seem to achieve a high level of success.  Personally, I’ve tried it and trying to get better at it.

2. The 2 Most Impactful Words I Say To My Kids

Children go through so many emotions (and hormones) during the stages of their lives.  It can be difficult to know what to say when they are experiencing frustration.  This article will help with some tips to navigate their feelings.

3. A Sports Mom’s Inner Dialogue

A great read and laugh from a mom that has been to too many youth sports games this year.  Sometimes we are all guilty of praying for rain. ; )

4. FDA Finally Issues Regulations On E-Cigs

Talking to my kids I am shocked at how many kids they know vape or smoke e-cigs.  The FDA has finally issued rules around the popular new product.  Will this help?

5. Product Rec Of The Week – Fosmon HD1831 3-Port HDMI Switch

Each week, we’ll recommend a product you may find useful.  This week it is the Fosmon 3-Port HDMI Switch.

Well, Mom got a new DVD player for Christmas and it connects to the TV via HDMI.  HDMI allows for a better signal and many TVs/accessories utilize these.  However, many TVs still only have one HDMI port which is usually taken up by the cable box.

This product allows you to turn your one HDMI port into 3.  The best part is it automatically switches over to the DVD player when powered on.  Easy to set up and no extra long cords to deal with behind the TV.  We also purchased the High Speed HDMI cables from Amazon and have been very happy with the results.

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