The Friday Five Finds Of The Week 018

Friday Five got stuck in the outbox this week so it is a Saturday Five.  Check out our recommendation as well as some thought provoking articles.  Enjoy.

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Every Friday we’re going to provide our five best finds on the web that we believe our users will find helpful.


Here are this week’s best…

1. How To Find 2 Million Dollars In The Morning

A very unique guy with a very unique outlook on life.  I haven’t posted much from him but I thought this one was interesting.  Let me know what you think.

2. 3 Ways To Get Your Tween Up In The Morning

If you are like me, getting your tween (or teen) up in the morning can be a challenge.  Multiple trips up the stairs getting louder each time.  We have employed the last tip to great success.  Nothing beats an event like missing the bus.

3. Parents Of Successful Kids Have These Things In Common

A great read of summaries of studies that investigate what parents of successful children have in common.  One my faves was how setting the bar high is important.  A close second was valuing effort over avoiding failure.

4. 13 Waterfalls You Need To See In Your Lifetime

Big fan of waterfalls here and I love this article.  Best part about it – no passport is required to see any of these waterfalls.  Unfortunately, only a few on the east coast but the North Carolina one looks fun.

5. Product Rec Of The Week – Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Each week, we’ll recommend a product you may find useful.  This week it is Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil.

OK this one can change your life.  This product is added to your morning coffee and will certainly change your morning routine.

This product is a substitute for sugar that allows your brain to kickstart quickly and efficiently with no crash.  There is more on how to make your Bulletproof Coffee right here.  The nice part about this is it comes out like a frothy latte.  The results are impressive especially when it comes to being able to concentrate early in the morning.

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