The Friday Five Finds Of The Week 019

Friday Five with some great advice this week.  Check out our recommendation as well as some thought provoking articles.  Enjoy.

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Every Friday we’re going to provide our five best finds on the web that we believe our users will find helpful.


Here are this week’s best…

1. 12 Life Lessons From Someone Who Has Seen Over 12,000 Deaths

An interesting article on a man who runs a guesthouse where people come to spend their last days.  Some great life advice based on the folks he has come in contact with over the years.  Our favorite: Filter out people’s bad traits instead of just dismissing those people from your life.

2. The Not-To-Do List: 9 Habits To Stop Now

One of my favorite articles that changed my life (literally).  At work I used to waste so many cycles on silly meetings, calls or conversations.  Tips like checking email in batch mode vs. all the time save so much time and keep you on task.

3. Major Misconceptions About Sleep

Sleep is something many take for granted but for some it is a constant battle.  There a major misconceptions about sleep such as you have the ability to ‘catch up’ after a bad night of sleep.  This video highlights some things you may not know about that precious sleep.

4. The Only Two Rules You Need To Follow In All Areas Of Life

Big fan of waterfalls here and I love this article.  Best part about it – no passport is required to see any of these waterfalls.  Unfortunately, only a few on the east coast but the North Carolina one looks fun.

5. Product Rec Of The Week – Cold Sores Be Gone

Each week, we’ll recommend a product you may find useful.  This week it is Cold Sores Be Gone.

If you get cold sores, this is an amazing product.  Gets rid of them and keeps your lips moist the whole time.   The stick makes it easy to use and carry.

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