The Friday Five Finds Of The Week 020

Our 20th Friday Five Finds of The Week!  Be sure to check out our recommendation as well as some thought provoking articles.  Enjoy.

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Every Friday we’re going to provide our five best finds on the web that we believe our users will find helpful.


Here are this week’s best…

1. 6-Month Old Girl Is World’s Youngest Water Skier

You just have to see this one.  A 6-month old little girl has become the world’s youngest water skier.  Not sure I would let my 6-month old try this but the video is a sight to see.

2. What To Do After You Graduate College

Some advice I wish I had when I graduated from college.  Gay Vaynerchuk is a unique individual and an amazing entrepreneur.  His story is an excellent read and his company is changing the social media world.  You also become infected by his personality and can truly motivate young people to take a chance on themselves.

3. Cell Phone Cancer Link New Study

An issue I’ve always been worried about since cell phones were introduced.  It certainly puts to rest the thought that mobile phones pose no cancer risk.  We’ve always kept our kids away from using them to their ears opting for speakerphone use only.  It will be interesting to see if the government regulations change with this study.

4. Doing Some Good – Check Out Kiva

Micro-loans are something making a huge difference in other parts of the world.  Kiva is the leading micro-loan site.  They work by taking donations from users and providing to mostly third world countries were business owners are looking for funds.  We’ve been a user for some time and the experience has been a good one.

The loans are paid back over time and you can re-lend that money to other businesses.  Check it out if you’d like to make a difference in someone’s life.

5. Product Rec Of The Week – Amazon Fire TV Stick

Each week, we’ll recommend a product you may find useful.  This week it is The Amazon Fire TV Stick.

If you’d like to cut your cable TV cord, this is a product you may find interesting.  For only $39.99, you can turn any TV with an HDMI port into a streaming TV.  You get access to Netflix, Amazon TV, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime and many others.

The best part is you can take it with you when traveling (hotels, dorms, etc).  It is a bit bigger than a pack of gum so it travels well.  You cannot beat the ease of use and there are games on it if you get really bored.  Check out the reviews.

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