Robbinsville Softball – What Is In The Water Over There?

“What is in the water in Robbinsville?”   We often hear that from people wondering why Robbinsville Softball has achieved so much success over the years.
Robbinsville Softball

2016 12U Robbinsville Little League (Photo by Jon Iorio)

This week, the 12U Robbinsville Little League Softball team won the East Regional title in Bristol, CT earning a berth in the Little League World Series (LLWS) in Oregon.

This marks the 5th time in 9 years and 3rd time in 4 years that Robbinsville Softball has represented the East in the LLWS.  Truly an amazing accomplishment.

World Series Pedigree

How has Robbinsville done in the World Series?

In 2008 a 2nd place finish…
2010 5th place…
2013 3rd place…
Robbinsville Softball

History of World Series Appearances

To appreciate what an accomplishment this is, we need to understand the road they traveled.  Little League starts with local district tournaments in which NJ has 20 districts – Robbinsville is in District 12.  The winners of these District tournaments move on to sectionals where they play other NJ District winners.

Winners of the 4 NJ Sectional tournaments move on to play for the state title.  Winner of the state title goes on to Regionals where they face the other 10 state teams in the East in Bristol, CT.  In the Regionals, Robbinsville outscored their opponents by an amazing 34-7 margin.

Robbinsville Softball – A Winning Formula

The journey started June 23rd and the girls have played 15 games thus far.  However, the amount of practice hours the girls have put in is another story.

While the water in Robbinsville is top notch, that is not what is producing these results.  Drive by Tantum Park field in June and July and you will undoubtedly see the girls from “R-Ville” practicing long and hard.

This doesn’t even cover the “extra” time the girls put in with outside training at local facilities.
Reminders of past success in LF of T3

Reminders of past success in LF of T3

So, hard work and focus is certainly the formula for success for Robbinsville Softball.  Scott Veisz, a coach on the 2014 World Series team and VP of Softball for Robbinsville Little League, expands on that formula.

“We are so proud of our girls.  Their success is the result of a community, league, parents, coaches and players commitment to embracing the joy of softball in Robbinsville.  The efforts so many people put into this program to help the girls reach their potential is really amazing.”  – Scott Veisz
Success can be contagious.  Seeing those plaques on the outfield fence and the banners on the walls of the cage builds a sense of pride for the girls participating in the Robbinsville Softball program.  The coaches learn from prior coaches, older players encourage the younger ones and the league improves year after year.
2014 Champs

A Strong Foundation

Finally, the teams all have amazing support systems surrounding them.

Parents & Siblings… who get the players to the practices and delay much of their summer vacations for these tournaments.
Coaches… who provide constant feedback while giving much of their free time to get the teams ready
Volunteers… who organize the schedules, work the fields, and give their time to better the league
League… who provide the equipment, the fields, and organization for the tournament entries
Sponsors… who help defray the cost of the tournaments and uniforms
Other Teams… who decorate players’ houses prior to tournaments and attend their games
Community… who attend the pep rallys and welcome homes, watch games on the internet and support the players on social media (Facebook, Snapchat, etc)

How You Can Support

Game #1 of the World Series is August 11th against the Netherlands at 10pm ET.  Some of the later round games will be on ESPN2.

As you can imagine, traveling to Oregon after a week in Connecticut can become expensive.   The team has set up a GoFundMe page to help defray some of the costs the families have to spend.  If you can spare a small donation for these inspiring girls, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

There are several other opportunities to meet the girls and help support them with this schedule.

Please be sure to share this article with your friends and family to rally support for these amazing girls.

– Mike Lawrence

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